Grisilda moved to New York City from Albania in 2015 in order to pursue a higher education. In 2021 she graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Masters degree in Supply Chain Management.


Because she was the first member of her family to move to New York, Grisilda highly values the opportunities and the invaluable connections she made on her journey.


In the course of her studies, she began working as an intern for Ostrov Realty Group, Ltd., during which time she was immersed in the world of luxury real estate and the people that seek it.


Grisilda’s discipline, curiosity, passion and ability to adjust on the move were appreciated by her mentor, who gave her a start, which lead to Grisilda now becoming a rapidly ascending associate. Her transition to real estate was effortless due to her ability to build long-lasting relationships, provide quality service and attention to clients’ needs.


Grisilda fell in love with the life her new aspirations presented, particularly with the process of researching and analyzing the market, interacting with clients and guiding them, until their dreams become reality.